Over the years, we have been building a broodmare base that we are very proud of. We will be putting mare photos on display here along with their pedigrees.

Our mares are rich in the Stanley Johnston bloodlines of Orphan Drift, Docs Jack Frost, Poco Speedy and Sak Em San. Clarence Bearry's John Red AAA is another South Dakota bloodline that we have strove to preserve in our broodmare band. Crossing these foundation mares with Sun Frost and Docs Oaks Sugar has given us a consistent broodmare that will keep the T4 program foal competitive and diversified.

PC Sun Bar None

PC Docs Katina

PC Miss Priss Oaks

PC Sugar Shogo

PC Kim A Gunnin

PC Docs Oakaleta

PC Lady Orphan Oaks

PC Calfrostic

Oaks Sugar Rockette

PC Native Lace

PC Driftin Lace

PC Lonova Drift

PC Katewood

PC Lockwood Lace

PC Miss Sun Bars

PC Sunorita

PC Sophia Oaks

PC Oakita Boon

PC Clara Oaks

PC Sun Ambrosia

PC Rosalie Frost

PC Kittini Oaks

PC Frost Em Kate

PC Sho Dox Cajun

PC Laughin Cajun

PC Tessas Cajun

PC Super Boonsal

PC Twice As Nice

PC Sun Kinda Chick

PC Annie Oaks

PC Caleta Oaks

PC Cleo Frost

PC Gala Frost

PC Sun Shaly

PC Tuff Timen Oaks

PC Lani Frost

PC Cute Ze Frost

Mandrift Mari

PC Siete Frost

PC Sun Juliana

RH Run Alexis

PC Sun Day Vous

Runner Elsie

Leos Money Key

PC Stellar Playgirl

PC Gallant Oaks

PC Cajunova

Rare Sun Bar

PC Last Sundini

PC Redwood Lady

PC Reddy To Run

PC Kat Kan Do

PC Sophia Frost

PC Sun Love Money

PC Mari Madisun

PC Azure Frost

NRR Frosty Contessa

PC Cajun Ambrosia

PC Sun Time Playgirl

PC Roses Boondust

PC Sun Runner

PC Docs Sugar Chain

PC Dusty Oakwood